13 April 2007

Quilty Jars by Friends

Sorry for the long absence. My family and worldly goods arrived and I got a sewing machine (phew!) and we had a late snow and any number of other excuses.

Brenda (http://serendipitypatchwork.com.au/blog/) has asked that I put my latest project up. This one is sort of quilting by proxy.

But let me begin at the beginning. A couple weeks ago I issued a Gee's Bend theme quilt challenge to my friends. I've been following their progress in their blogs (because they are more loyal bloggers than moi) and loved the results. (See also Erica's on http://www.creativedabbling.blogspot.com/) So I printed out their pictures and inserted a round excerpt into the lid "window" of these cool little canisters. I got them for a dollar each at the Target here. Very shallow and have a magnet on the bottom. Good for thumb tacks or rubber bands or buttons and they stick to the fridge.

I think they look pretty good and I'm enjoying my friends' beautiful work each day at the office.