06 June 2014

Arcus for AQS Grand Rapids

"CONGRATULATIONS! The jury has accepted your quilt, see attached, for further
consideration in the 2014 AQS QuiltWeek® Contest in Grand Rapids, Michigan" begins the email I received today.  

It is great to be able to be in your AQS show in the area you live.  For one thing, you get to go-- and they put a little ribbon indicating your participation on your name bade and then all the vendors are extra lovely to you.  It is a bit like having a "please congratulate me" sign on :) 

The quilt is called Arcus and is machine pieced.  No applique or fusing is involved in the construction of the arcs which I free-cut.  In other words, you "have at" a yard of fabric with the rotary cutter--which takes some getting used to.  This one is machine quilted primarily in long arcing lines, but also some busier patterns inside the black  and brown sections.