31 January 2007

Snow Prints

Beyond the hackneyed “blanket" metaphor, snow and quilts have some things in common. For one thing, they tend to capture a moment in time by providing visual signs of something that took place. For snow it might be the passage of a squirrel and for a quilt it might be the Suffrage Movement or Uncle Bob’s 80th birthday.

In the lovely snowfall we’ve had in Michigan recently, I’ve been enjoying the footprints of dogs walked in the early morning hours, the squirrels bounding between trees, ploughs, snowmobiles and hand-shoveled channels to the mailbox.

29 January 2007

Looks like a church

After finally closing a technological gap, I'm able to provide a picture of the house in which I now live. I sent this picture also to my son. His reaction was that it looks like a church.

That was a theme this weekend as I also picked up a call for entry for the 34th Annual Juried Spiritual Art Competition to be held next month. Is any of my quilting spiritual? By intent or just by-product? Not sure.

I sent a short story to a friend whose opinion matters a great deal to me. She tells me she cried (in a good way). You write to get a reaction, but when it comes you feel a bit bashful about having done that to someone.

18 January 2007

Finally a Picture

Finally--access to a camera. This shot of the GVSU campus here in Allendale, Michigan managed to capture the reflection of the flash on the falling snowflakes.
The days are getting noticeably longer. It is still cold, of course, but they had a snowstorm in Malibu so that distinction is being shared around.
Today I received (in a somewhat soggy box due to the snow) Michigan Quilts and a poster of the same title depicting a predominantly red Bethlehem Star quilt. This poster was only $5 (US) and would be a nice gift for any quilter. Michigan State University Museum's online store was my source (in the Traditional Arts section).

13 January 2007

At least three Rs

My husband, Terence has great experience in IT and has distilled some of it into a set of simple rules. Most of the time, one of the rules will solve your computer problem immediately. Trying all of them in turn will establish fairly decisively if the problem is outside your competency to solve. Either way you get a result.

They all seem to start with an R.
  • Reboot. Nothing like allowing your computer to solve its own problem. A fresh start is something we can all use from time to time.
  • Reseat. Don't just wiggle the power cord--take it all the way out of the outlet (and the back of the computer for that matter) and then put it in again. It is another sort of fresh start--just more mechanical than electronic this time.
  • Refresh. Especially when browsing the Internet, you have to remember that you are not always looking directly at the most immediate truth about what is there. Computers like to cache (remember) things and show you the memory rather than what is actually out there to see this very minute. I know some people like that. Living in the past because it is easy. So refresh the screen before you find yourself with old info.
  • Right click. All the good stuff you really need is available when you right click (such as Properties). Some people never right click--there be monsters out there. They hunt through only the known and don't find what they are looking for.

This has a lot to do with moving to Michigan too.

I'm going to be getting a new sewing machine before too long--that's always a new perspective. And seven weeks may be longer than I can stand to be without any fabric. I found myself happy that the hem came out (completely!) from a blouse I brought in my suitcase, and I 'm delighted to hem it. Good to have a needle in hand. Looking for excuses to sew is a sure sign.

Time to locate a fabric store in bus or walking distance--a button came off my jacket and must be fixed--tee hee.

06 January 2007

Warm Welcome

As I was leaving Sydney, Australia for our new life adventure in Michigan, dear friends in the Quilters Guild of New South Wales encouraged me to undertake a blog. Please visit their blogs on http://creativedabbling.blogspot.com/2006/12/power-of-friendship.html (Erica Spinks)
and http://serendipitypatchwork.blogspot.com/2006/12/farewell-quilt.html (Brenda Smith).
Among other treats, you'll see the wonderful Farewell Quilts they gave to me.

The global community of quilters should make us all brave about the changes in our lives. At one end you get a great send off and at the other a willing group of friends with a common interest. I haven't actually met these quilters yet, but I'm confident.

East Grand Rapids turns out to be a very lovely neighborhood of classically American homes which are currently decorated both for Christmas and in flags and bunting in honor of the passing of President Ford. In fact, I'm living a few doors away from a long-time family home of the former President.

Most of the basics have been accomplished such as basic kitchen set up and phone and internet access. My heavy coat arrived just in time -- we are due for some snow on Monday.

The rental house is great (so many rooms). The only bed was set up in the finished attic and I've bumped my head a few times, but the quilts are on the bed and it is starting to feel like home.