18 January 2007

Finally a Picture

Finally--access to a camera. This shot of the GVSU campus here in Allendale, Michigan managed to capture the reflection of the flash on the falling snowflakes.
The days are getting noticeably longer. It is still cold, of course, but they had a snowstorm in Malibu so that distinction is being shared around.
Today I received (in a somewhat soggy box due to the snow) Michigan Quilts and a poster of the same title depicting a predominantly red Bethlehem Star quilt. This poster was only $5 (US) and would be a nice gift for any quilter. Michigan State University Museum's online store was my source (in the Traditional Arts section).

1 comment:

Dianne said...

Oh, brrrrr, Monica! I hate to tell you it's a toasty 25 degrees C. here in Exeter today...but we're off to California on Tuesday, where I believe we'll be shivering along with you!

That was a great photo...thanks for sharing.