29 January 2007

Looks like a church

After finally closing a technological gap, I'm able to provide a picture of the house in which I now live. I sent this picture also to my son. His reaction was that it looks like a church.

That was a theme this weekend as I also picked up a call for entry for the 34th Annual Juried Spiritual Art Competition to be held next month. Is any of my quilting spiritual? By intent or just by-product? Not sure.

I sent a short story to a friend whose opinion matters a great deal to me. She tells me she cried (in a good way). You write to get a reaction, but when it comes you feel a bit bashful about having done that to someone.


Brenda said...

I love the older style American home. It looks like there should be a quilt on every bed! (Well, at least one?)

Here's a blog post on things to do in SW Michigan, not that you're likely to be at a loose end:

Monica Johnstone said...

Thanks, Brenda. I'm very well looked after by my friends all the way from Sydney.