13 January 2007

At least three Rs

My husband, Terence has great experience in IT and has distilled some of it into a set of simple rules. Most of the time, one of the rules will solve your computer problem immediately. Trying all of them in turn will establish fairly decisively if the problem is outside your competency to solve. Either way you get a result.

They all seem to start with an R.
  • Reboot. Nothing like allowing your computer to solve its own problem. A fresh start is something we can all use from time to time.
  • Reseat. Don't just wiggle the power cord--take it all the way out of the outlet (and the back of the computer for that matter) and then put it in again. It is another sort of fresh start--just more mechanical than electronic this time.
  • Refresh. Especially when browsing the Internet, you have to remember that you are not always looking directly at the most immediate truth about what is there. Computers like to cache (remember) things and show you the memory rather than what is actually out there to see this very minute. I know some people like that. Living in the past because it is easy. So refresh the screen before you find yourself with old info.
  • Right click. All the good stuff you really need is available when you right click (such as Properties). Some people never right click--there be monsters out there. They hunt through only the known and don't find what they are looking for.

This has a lot to do with moving to Michigan too.

I'm going to be getting a new sewing machine before too long--that's always a new perspective. And seven weeks may be longer than I can stand to be without any fabric. I found myself happy that the hem came out (completely!) from a blouse I brought in my suitcase, and I 'm delighted to hem it. Good to have a needle in hand. Looking for excuses to sew is a sure sign.

Time to locate a fabric store in bus or walking distance--a button came off my jacket and must be fixed--tee hee.

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Dianne said...

Hi, Monica,

Love your husband's "R"s!

Have fun looking for your new sewing machine. I just did the same here...finally bought a new Bernina Aurora 440 QE with BSR at the Bernina shop in Chatswood...what a brilliant machine it is, too.

And now you will have the fun of fabric shopping...and at bargain prices, compared to Australia. Don't forget some of the on-line sources, too. One of my favorites for really good sale prices is Quilters Quarter...first quality fabrics at incredible sale prices!