29 July 2011

Studio makeover step 2

Stage one of 'making the studio better' involved shelving. Things have improved, but some of the storage in my ironing area was still cheap and nasty, and I thought the use of space was far from optimal. Stage one also involved the decision to try to buy storage boxes and accessories in either black or white (or both) to give the room some sort of coordination and not compete with the fabric.

So as an early anniversary/birthday present, we purchased a couple of the 36 inch tall Closet Aid sort of cubical storage units and a 24" by 48" pine table top that will be covered to use as a big ironing surace with the storage units as its legs. I'm tall so the 38" height will be fine. I believe I'll have better access to my design wall, too.

I suspect that the storage units moving out of the room will be easy to redeploy in the basement. Win win.

21 July 2011

Quilt made a visit

Our next door neighbor popped by yesterday with her 2 year old daughter in the stroller. It seems that Sadie, now quite a talker, is quite partial to the quilt she had with her. "See, it has my name," she reported, flipping it to the heart-shaped label on the back.

"I know," was my reply, "I put it there when you were born."

12 July 2011

Flag in sunshine and shaddow

Talk about cutting it close. I finished this one, after having it in the frame for most of the year, on the morning of July 4. This one is a stretch for me. I don't own many of these countrified, "browned", homespun sorts of fabrics, and I'd never pushed the limits f what would read as a light before. Just goes to show that maroon on cream is "white" if you try hard enough.

The design comes from a very old book of patriotic quilts that I bought used.

About 3.5' x 4.5'

06 July 2011

Learned something today

Reversable binding--see: www.thequiltshow.com/os/blog.php/blog_id/3901

I don't tend to make reversable quilts, but she also shows a way of using your binding as your label which is worth tucking away in the back of your mind too. Thanks, Sharon Pederson!