10 May 2007

Quilts you can't have

Those quilty jars got me thinking--how can I have more quilts in my life, especially ones by friends, even if these quilts are elsewhere and owned by others? Well, why not find ways to integrate more pictures of these stunners into everyday life.

I just got a Rolodex with little plastic-covered card holders. I put one up front with a picture of a great quilt by Brenda Smith that is on her blog. The link is in the Quilty Jars posting below.

This would also work with vintage quilt postcards or magazine photos, of course.

04 May 2007


Shakespeare in Spring

Bear with me. I'm going to have to go on a bit as one does who is coming from a climate with only two real seasons (and subtle transitions between them) to a place with dramatic seasonal change. These are picture taken just outside my office window in the Shakespeare garden (the flowers are all mentioned in his plays).

03 May 2007

Graduation purse

Most academic regalia does not have actual pockets. Some robes have a slit so you can reach pockets in your clothes; but if you are like me, not all of your outfits have pockets and I want more stuff with me than pockets comfortably hold.

I saw the foundation piecing pattern in the back of a magazine, enlarged it on the computer and made a simple purse that fits the digital camera, my keys, a bit of cash, Kleenex, safety and bobby pins--the stuff you need at graduation.

The strap (worn across the body) hangs at exactly the right level so that I can reach it through my robe slit--instant pocket.

I made the tassle. The button is actually a matching blue color (despite looking black in the photo).