03 May 2007

Graduation purse

Most academic regalia does not have actual pockets. Some robes have a slit so you can reach pockets in your clothes; but if you are like me, not all of your outfits have pockets and I want more stuff with me than pockets comfortably hold.

I saw the foundation piecing pattern in the back of a magazine, enlarged it on the computer and made a simple purse that fits the digital camera, my keys, a bit of cash, Kleenex, safety and bobby pins--the stuff you need at graduation.

The strap (worn across the body) hangs at exactly the right level so that I can reach it through my robe slit--instant pocket.

I made the tassle. The button is actually a matching blue color (despite looking black in the photo).

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Brenda said...

So the new sewing machine has been given a whirl - Yay!