06 January 2007

Warm Welcome

As I was leaving Sydney, Australia for our new life adventure in Michigan, dear friends in the Quilters Guild of New South Wales encouraged me to undertake a blog. Please visit their blogs on http://creativedabbling.blogspot.com/2006/12/power-of-friendship.html (Erica Spinks)
and http://serendipitypatchwork.blogspot.com/2006/12/farewell-quilt.html (Brenda Smith).
Among other treats, you'll see the wonderful Farewell Quilts they gave to me.

The global community of quilters should make us all brave about the changes in our lives. At one end you get a great send off and at the other a willing group of friends with a common interest. I haven't actually met these quilters yet, but I'm confident.

East Grand Rapids turns out to be a very lovely neighborhood of classically American homes which are currently decorated both for Christmas and in flags and bunting in honor of the passing of President Ford. In fact, I'm living a few doors away from a long-time family home of the former President.

Most of the basics have been accomplished such as basic kitchen set up and phone and internet access. My heavy coat arrived just in time -- we are due for some snow on Monday.

The rental house is great (so many rooms). The only bed was set up in the finished attic and I've bumped my head a few times, but the quilts are on the bed and it is starting to feel like home.


Brenda said...

Welcome to Blogland! You already know the warmth of the community of quilters and I'm sure you'll find blogging quilters of a similar ilk. Best wishes for your first day at work tomorrow.

Erica Spinks said...

Yay! Let's harness the power of the internet for good. Can we see a photo of your house once you're organised?

Dianne said...

Hi, Monica,

So we've crossed the Pacific in opposite directions! I came to NSW from California at the end of October, but wasn't able to make it to the Burwood meeting of the Quilter's Guild of NSW to meet you before you left.

Have a great time in the States...lots of nice quilters there, too. Are you there permanently or just for awhile?