06 June 2014

Arcus for AQS Grand Rapids

"CONGRATULATIONS! The jury has accepted your quilt, see attached, for further
consideration in the 2014 AQS QuiltWeek® Contest in Grand Rapids, Michigan" begins the email I received today.  

It is great to be able to be in your AQS show in the area you live.  For one thing, you get to go-- and they put a little ribbon indicating your participation on your name bade and then all the vendors are extra lovely to you.  It is a bit like having a "please congratulate me" sign on :) 

The quilt is called Arcus and is machine pieced.  No applique or fusing is involved in the construction of the arcs which I free-cut.  In other words, you "have at" a yard of fabric with the rotary cutter--which takes some getting used to.  This one is machine quilted primarily in long arcing lines, but also some busier patterns inside the black  and brown sections.


Sharon said...

That is awesome….both the quilt and the acceptance!

Monica Johnstone said...

Thanks, Sharon!

Leanne said...

I loved seeing your quilt in person. It was one of my favourite in the show.

Monica Johnstone said...

Hi Leanne--Brenda Gael Smith sent me a link to your blog post about the GR AQS Show. Thanks for the additional exposure!