11 February 2007

Cherry Potholders

I have now officially been to a fabric store in Michigan (Joanne Fabrics, not a proper quilt shop, but it was close). Five $1 fat quarters later, I have appliqued a plain potholder with two cherries with stems and leaves attached. It seemed the right motif for Michigan which is quite the sour cherry capital of things. Could have done blueberries as well for the same reason but speed shopping with a non-quilter meant I didn't think to get any blue. The stash arrives in a couple weeks, so any local produce becomes possible from that time onward.

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Anonymous said...

So, now that you are in GR, we need to get together. I found you via Brenda's blog. I am about 40 minutes south of you in Richland.

Oh, and what's this about a Gee's Bend Challenge??