03 July 2007

It Really Isn't That Hard

When I arrived at work (GVSU is the largest of the comprehensive universities in the Midwest), I expected to find a quilting group on campus. I mean, it snows here so you could hardly avoid it, right? Instead, a well established group fo knitters came to light and a few individual names.

So inspired by a friend, Stephanie, who had moved from Sydney to Perth not long ago and was absolutely diving into the local scene, I decided that I should get the ball rolling.

Everyone was very helpful:
  • the director of work/life balance helped to get us off to a good start,
  • the local fabric store provided door prizes,
  • the quilters were supportive, and
  • three beginning quilters took the plunge at our first meeting.

I learned some things. Find a room that is accessible to people who need to avoid stairs. You need not have door prizes with number tickets--we had the names of quilt blocks and that was fun.

1 comment:

Erica Spinks said...

Sounds like it's off to a good start! It won't be long before the group starts planning its first show... :-)