17 August 2007

Where the heck have I been?

If you were wondering why no blogging has gone on since July 25, well, the answer is to the left. Better photos will come, but he's a very wiggly subject.

Laddie is the 9 week old blond tornado (Golden retriever) who came into our lives 10 days ago. He's sleeping through the night 2 out of 3 times now so normal life can resume. He's quickly becoming a family member and is part of everything--including phone calls. I phone my 9 year old son at midday from work and our conversation is punctuated by forceful exclamations of "off" when my son's toes are being attacked.

I did sew the back for my "inspired by Gee's Bend" challenge which is due by 23 August. Getting that quilted by next Thursday may be a bridge too far!

I did see a magazine cover with a foundation pieced Golden Retriever puppy on that. Now that seems relevant!


Chrissy said...

Monica he is gorgeous :-)

Unknown said...

Monica? Mojo? Michigan? This is Ran, reply if this is You!!

Unknown said...