26 August 2008

Ned and the Very Land Itself

Finally, here is a picture of the quilt I made for my husband Terence for our wedding anniversary. If you are Australian it should be fairly self explanatory. If you aren't, this is meant to be a nod to Sydney Nolan's painting of bush ranger Ned Kelly in his homemade armor. The grey green rectangles are eucalyptus leaves and the white and yellow parallelagram is a sulfur crested cockatoo. In the center of Australia, the sand really is that color.

Polyester, silk, cotton (on the back facing and backing) and several different weights of variegated and solid color thread.

It's about 18 x 36" (guestimate).

1 comment:

patchworkmaniac said...

Yes I'm Australian and I can see that - excellent result - I like it a lot. Is your husband Australian or does he just like Sidney Nolan's artwork or perhaps an affinity with Ned Kelly?