14 October 2009

Doll Quilt

This simple doll quilt is approximately 20" square. It's a gift for a student worker in our office who is having a baby soon and has decorated in green and ladybugs. That makes something like 6 baby gifts in the last 18 months. Phew! I'm still making progress on the blue & white quilt promised to my son. Really I am.

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PAMELA said...

Hi Monica from Pamela in Sydney. Your ladybug quiltlet (if I may name it this way) is cutely adorable and I am sure it will be loved. Seems you have been tied up with giftmaking lately.

I received your facebook message, but I dont dwelve into this option anymore....too tied up on PC with other activites, especially organising workshops for ATASDA. Still with the guild too.

If you would take a peek at www.craftyquilting.wordpress.com you will see what I have been up to lately.

Hoping this finds you well. Kind regards from Pamela