19 September 2012

Most gorgeous dryer lint

I'm signed up for a Nancy Crow workshop to be held in Muskegon Dec. 10-14 so I'm acquiring and pre-washing many yards of fabric in a very wide range of solid colors.  It's fun to look at dry, it's fun to look at wet--and the related-color loads I'm putting through the dryer make the most wonderfully complex colors of dryer lint.  Ironing has been an on-going project--glad I made a good ironing station a while back.

I acquired several of Nancy's books and have been reading a lot about color lately.  Quite enjoyable and can't help but influence the work to come.

As for my recent experiments in lower contrast, last week was the opening of the Women's Center Art Show on the GVSU campus.  My piece was hung rather high which is an entirely different perspective on it.  People seem to like it, but it is hard to point out detail (up too high!).

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