21 January 2014

Just entered quilts so now on to the next thing

Today I entered two quilts to be considered in an curated traveling exhibition.  That means I worked rather intensively on those two for some time and then worked to get the photos right for a couple days.  A make-shift photo studio in our sunroom worked out much better than trying to take the photos in my small studio.  I also treated myself to a new camera that has a better lens-- truly enjoyable to use.

Now is the real test.  That is, not to spend the next two weeks in a state of "phew!" but instead to get a large project back up on the design wall and progressing after a couple months' hiatus.  I've been reading Lisa Call's list of goals and she'll shame you right into a better work ethic.  I stop into her blog from time to time for just that sort of kick.

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