13 February 2012

Art project #2--Hawaiian petition against annexation

This quilt (40" x 40") is pieced, stenciled with blended paint sticks, hand echo quilted and machine lettered with the 1897 pettition against annexation text submitted by women of Oahu. Completed in about two weeks, it represents some very concerted work each day. Phew!  I intend to enter it into the GVSU Women's Center Art Show.
The text reads:

Petition Against Annexation
To His Excellency WILLIAM McKINLEY, President, and the Senate, of the United States of
GREETINGS:-- WHEREAS, there has been submitted to the Senate of the United States of America a Treaty for the Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands to the said United States of America, for consideration at its regular session in December, A.D. 1897; therefore,
WE, the undersigned, native Hawaiian Women, citizens and residents of the District of Kona Honolulu, Island of Oahu, who are members of the Women’s Hawaiian Patriotic League
of the Hawaiian Islands, and other women who are in sympathy with the said League, earnestly protest against the annexation of the said Hawaiian Islands to the said United States of America in any form or shape.

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